Image Hunt


Both image A and B show composotions where varitons of one well-defined unit are brought together in well-defined reliationships. Also the units are in same dimention. The only difference is that the unit and the compositon are 2D in image A and 3D in image B.

Both of the design in image X and image Y are utilising daylight as a space defining element. On the other hand , image X is doing it by emphasizing the intesinty of light and image Y is doing it with direction of light.


Experiencing Architecture: Basic Observations


Architecrure is an art which we live with,as normal people). We comment to buildings during our home way or when we go to a historical building. We think how attractive they are or we we sneakingly think how ugly they are. Heaps of times most of our thoughts about a modern structure or a historical structure are about the semblance of it. The semblance of a building iş very important indeed. But it is not the only important subject. Actually, it is just one of them. In a section of the book i read recently, the writer mentioned the forms that architecture created for people are not just to look from the outside. It is also to live in it. We all live in a house or in a flat, and each one of them are architectural buildings. Hospitals, collages, even police departments are and noumerous samples like these are have a common attribute. Every one of them are architectural buildings. I hope that i could make you understand how attendant our life and the architecture is.
One of the most important rule for an architecture is, the architecture should have made observations and know surrounding. The architect should answer to peoples nerde and help them with its structure. I want to give you a sample from the book i have read recently. The writer says” if a building iş unavailable to use of hard to live in.or can not service like it has to. People wouldnt like the building then. That means the face de of a building does not mean anything if that building is not useful. If the sclupture is using for its creating reason, that means the architecture accomplished The architectural goal.
The work that the architecture has finished to study on, may not respects the architects character. And it is really an ordinary status. An architects character can something special to the project. Creator tries to build something new for its culture, for people who lives near and etc. And the original building that the creators created, mostly shows us some parte the culture of the place where it lives.
The architecture of a place, influences by culture, and the culture influences by architecture. As a simple sample, child games. Kids always can find a way to have fun. Of you ask how this subject can be related to architecrure, they find new versions for the old traditional games. The kids may have no idea but i think they are a true sample of “living the architecture

Notes & Lines

Music is always music, but some are pleasant and some are not pleasant. The music is beautiful with the harmony of notes. This is the same in our studio because lines are used when designing. There are lines in all of the designs, but it can be a good work if you’re done with a combination according to a certain rule.The design harmony in a musical note and the relationship between each other is very important, this is the case in our studio. Each line you draw must have a relation with the next line after that line and it must have a nice harmony. As a result, music and our studio have similar characteristics, although they have different type. If you want to watch this video , You can click this link :



Before I read this handbook , I thought that the book is boring but when I started to read it , I understood that I am wrong and it will not be boring , even it will be beneficial for me. Also after I read I thought same and I did not regret. The first thing that I want to mention importance of studio classes because that kind of studying system is not only used now but also used for 3 centruies. Then , about learning process I understood that we learn better by doing and producing so in each assigment we improve ouself. Also , the critiques of instructor’s are the main part of learning. Also , this handbook not only successful but also have a very nice design.


First Experience

We started today first studio lesson. Actually , I was excited but when I faced to QIDS (Quick Impression Drawing Session) , I got afraid because of it. Then I cut tape and I pasted them on papers. While I was doing this , the music was playing in the background. QIDS is a few difficult but I had fun.

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